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Bluesun Marketing represents leading brands in food and non-food retailing. We provide our clients with unique market insight for a competitive edge. Developing new growth opportunities is our team’s passion. We are a hardworking team of brand-building experts that enable U.S. and international food & hard good companies successfully sell and merchandise their products around the world.
Your brand has value. Let us help you build it.

You grow

We grow.

The retail market is competitive, and we understand that one of the most important decisions is selecting a team to represent you in the marketplace. Creating reputable relationships throughout the market is a mutual goal between Bluesun Marketing and its partners. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000, Bluesun offers an unbeatable record in the business with a combined 100 years in the national and international retail industry.

We understand the warehouse club broker’s critical role in adding value to your brand-building efforts. We’ve worked on the warehouse club buying and operations level and in return, are experts in navigating the warehouse club product development through the sell-through process from start-to-finish.

We represent a multitude of companies—so whether you’re a well-established brand, or a company with a start-up product, we can help you. Our compensation is based on your sales revenues. You grow, we grow…together.

Our Expertise

Speaks for Itself.

With a strong focus on the food and beverage industry, Bluesun Marketing specializes in the development, launch, and growth of brands in the wholesale channel. We feature a successful portfolio of ‘first to market’ products in health and beauty, beverage, deli, cooler, confection, pharmacy, bakery, and dry grocery. Natural, premium, and functional foods are also a specialty.
We are experts at the following:

Guidance on Warehouse Club Consumer Marketing
Product Development Consulting
Club Packaging Guidance
Account Specific Marketing
Packaging and Pallet Pack Graphics Guidance
Logistics and Distribution Advice
Program Negotiations
Merchandising Advice and Support
Roadshow Guidance and Operational Support (When Required)
Customer Interface
Operations Support
OService Issues Resolution
In-Store/Club Marketing Management (When Required)
Administrative Support Function (Order Processing Support)

Look at Our

Client Successes.

Barbacoa Sabor
Calbee North America
Gemini Foods
GoGo Quinoa
Parker Maple Farm
Sensible Foods
Win Soon
Preferred Brands
Stacys Pita Chips
Pirates Booty Rice and Corn Puffs






Bluesun Marketing understands how to achieve success in the international market and the importance of establishing a comprehensive overview of your business. We custom-fit our approach, from branding and analytics to the marketing itself, so the product and the customer always remain the priority.

Whether you’re an International Vendor looking to develop brand for the US Market or a US Vendor looking to expand to the international market, Bluesun can help design a business-specific marketing and sales strategy that’s uniquely yours.

Latin America
New Zealand
Japan (office coming soon)



Bluesun Marketing provides comprehensive services from conceptualizing new product opportunities to supporting total commercialization. Our team is comprised of consumer and retail specialists. We integrate experience from across distribution channels to support brand-lifecycle management, channel strategy, and operational support. Bluesun partner companies are achieving above-market expansion of sales.

It’s time to see your brand in a whole new light. It’s simple. Bluesun Marketing is a brand-building powerhouse that helps companies like yours launch, grow, and manage your products in the warehouse club channel. As a full-service sales and marketing team, we place products on the road to unprecedented sales in the warehouse club channel. From helping find new sales opportunities, define consumer interest, and develop your club offerings, to placing your products and helping build your U.S. and international brand and sales, we maintain strong, long-term partnerships with our clients.

Seeing your products shine in Bluesun’s light starts here.



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